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Vehicle Return Timeline

We know you’re excited to get behind the wheel of your next Mitsubishi, so we've streamlined your lease-end process.

90 Days: Research

Choose your lease-end option
  • Lease a new Mitsubishi
    Enjoy shorter terms, more flexibility and possibly a lower monthly payment. 
  • Buy a new Mitsubishi  
    We have flexible terms that can fit virtually any budget.
  • Purchase your current Mitsubishi 
    Call 1-866-876-3022 to discuss your finance options. 

60 Days: Inspection

To help determine any excess wear, we’ll perform a complimentary vehicle inspection.

  • Appointment
    A representative will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection. 
  • Location
    You can have your vehicle inspected at your home, office or any other location that is convenient for you. 
  • Repairs
    If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, you can schedule most repairs with your Mitsubishi dealer. Make sure to keep all receipts to confirm repairs were completed.
*For customers in the state of Maryland: Inspections of your leased Mitsubishi will take place at the dealership after the vehicle is returned; therefore, you will not be contacted to schedule the inspection before your lease ends.

30 Days: Turn-In Appointment

  • Schedule
    Contact your Mitsubishi dealer to schedule your turn-in appointment. 
  • Turn-in appointment
    When you turn in your Mitsubishi, make sure to return all keys, key fobs, owner manual, spare tire, head rests, and third row seats (if applicable) to the dealership.


  • Mail
    After you turn in your Mitsubishi, please sign and return the Odometer Statement in the self-addressed envelope, provided by your Mitsubishi dealer
  • Repairs
    If you made any repairs to your Mitsubishi after your inspection, notify your Mitsubishi dealer when you return your leased vehicle. Make sure to include your VIN number and Account number on each receipt. 
  • Call
    Confirm your final mileage by calling us at 1-866-876-3022.
  • End-of-term payments
    Within one to two weeks after you turn in your Mitsubishi, you may receive an invoice for any excess wear and use charges. Learn more about Excess Wear and Use